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Wenn aus Sex-SMS Performance wird

Ein neuer Service verfilmt deine schmutzigsten SMS. (If for sex SMS performance is A new service filmed your dirtiest SMS.) “ ist eine ganz neue Website, die eingereichte Sex-SMS von Usern nachspielt – die Gründerin und Filmemacherin Eileen Yaghoobian ist der Überzeugung, dass reale Szenen viel mehr unmittelbaren Sexappeal haben als horny hingerotzte Textnachrichten. ( …

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For A Small Fee, This Website Will Turn Your Perverted Sexts Into Something Even More Perverted

“ was created by filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian. Yaghoobian wants to turn your sick and filthy sexts into something possibly even more sick and filthy — professionally shot videos.” (USA)

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Three Films That Decided To Go Freestyle

“We have rounded up a list of films that have decided to just say “Fuck it!” and put something refreshing together — freestyle. If you cannot get enough of films that get off breaking conventions, there is also a promising project looking to turn sexts (sex texts) into literal short films headed by indie director …

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“There is an intriguing service called Send Me Your Sexts where you email or forward a series of the sexts you and your partner have exchanged to essentially a slightly wacky arty pornographer who then hires actors to act out what you’ve been chatting about…”

Alix Fox says Send Me Your Sexts is the answer to the Question of the week in “Foxhole” section of Modern Mann Podcast. Question of the week from Robin: “Alix do you have any tips on how to keep internet sex fresh and fun in long term long distance relationships the usual dirty texts and occasional semi nude …

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The girl will turn your sex message into Videos. Eileen Yaghoobian sexting becomes correspondence sent to her dripping sex videos and surrealist humor, which provide a glimpse into some very bizarre fantasies (ליהא שנשלחים סקסטינג התכתבויות הופכת יגוביאן איליין לסרטונים שלכם הסקס מסרוני את שתהפוך הבחורהבמיוחד הזויות פנטזיות לכמה הצצה המספקים ,סוריאליסטי והומור סקס נוטפי לסרטונים)

“The service began operating a year ago and so far have been created in which some hilarious videos that will make you move a chair uneasily… This is not a porn videos but surely getting sexual content pornographic amusing commentary by Igobian…Her videos show she did not stop at anything to make you satisfied. At …

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