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Turn your sex texts into video art – Indie director Eileen Yaghoobian on how The Act of Killing inspired her to bring sext fantasies to life

“Videos made so far toe the line between sheer absurdity and deliberately awkward B-grade porn, revealing a strangely compelling meta-commentary on texting, sex and why human beings are now compelled to send messages like “yea I want ur cum to myself” to each other” Dazed and Confused Magazine  

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‘Send Me Your Sexts’: Filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian Wants To Turn Your Dirty Texts into Film Art

“Despite its casual and irreverent attitude, Send Me Your Sexts proves to be a curious reflection of modern sexuality and its intersection with technology. It also probes our voyeuristic tendencies and demands a reevaluation of the line between pornography and art…” Galo Magazine  

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Turn Your Sexts Into Performance Art with the “Send Me Your Sext” Service

“The resulting short film (NSFW), which features epic car sex, is dramatic, hilarious, and oddly meta. Filthy, typoed dispatches never seemed so masterful.” NERVE

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“Send Me Your Sexts” is Strange and Provocative New Pay-for-Film Service

“I think we can honestly say this is an idea we have never seen before. Documentary director Eileen Yaghoobian has launched “Send Me Your Sexts,” a site featuring short films by users who have paid her to dramatize their sexts.” Filmmaker Magazine  

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“Genuis. Just…GENIUS. I want to know how did they come up with $80 as the price for something so priceless?” BroBible

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