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【NSFW】声だけポルノ、でもテニスプレー【音声注意】 (But pornography , only [ NSFW ] voice tennis play [ voice ] Caution)

“全米オープンの裏側で、こんないかがわしいテニスも行われていたようです。といっても、映像自体はショートフィルムという扱いなので本物の試合じゃないわけですが、このテニスのいかがわしさは音声にありました。” (Behind the US Open , this shady tennis also seems to have been done . To say that , it is not a game but a real treat because the video itself that short film , there was the sound of this disreputableness tennis .)  (Japan)  

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Raunchy Re-Enactments of Late Night Sexts

 “You know those late-night messages we send when our blood is flowing away from our brain and to more sensitive organs? What if someone were to bring those to life?” All That Is Interesting! THE PBH NETWORK  

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Send me your sexts

” Nell’ intimità della distanza spesso ci si sente più liberi, disinibiti e onesti, sta qui la forza del progetto di Eileen Yaghoobian, ci racconta con leggerezza e ironia le nostre fantasie. (In the ‘ intimacy of distance we often feel more free , uninhibited and honest, this is where the strength of the project …

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Sexarte: sexo e arte coisam bem (Sexarte:sex and art as well coisam)

Escrita em video (Writing on video) “Yaghoobian valoriza as histórias com valor humano real e que tenham tensão dramática, tratando-as com criatividade e humor. (Yaghoobian values ​​the stories with real human value and have dramatic tension by treating them with creativity and mood.)” Bitaites (Portugal)  

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Sex-SMS: Fantasie wird zu Film (Sex – SMS : Fantasy is to movie)

“Eileen Yaghoobian, Filmemacherin und Künstlerin hat sich ein abgefahrenes Konzept für ihre nächsten Kurzfilme überlegt.(Eileen Yaghoobian, filmmaker and artist has considered a funky concept for their next short films.)” Yaez Verlag GmbH (Germany)

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