Our next video features an episode in a series about Johnny and Brenda.

Johnny & Brenda :

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:08:33 PM – Picture of Johnny’s dick )

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:10:53 PM) Mmmm!!!! Well hello there!

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:11:07 PM) – :)

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:12:16 PM) More. I want more ;)

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:14:22 PM) I’m sitting in my living room with Cory discussing finance and you are sending me dick pics. This is awesome

BRENDA (03/29/2014,  2:14:24 PM) Like we are having some serious discourse right now. Lol

JOHNNY (03/29/2014,  2:14:44 PM) Hahaha

JOHNNY (03/29/2014,  2:18:52 PM)

BRENDA (03/29/2014,  2:19:59 PM) Mmmm. God I fucking want you. I want your hard cock in my mouth so bad right now

JOHNNY (03/29/2014,  2:20:42 PM) Mmmmmmm yeah that would be so nice

BRENDA (03/29/2014,  2:22:22 PM) Mmmm yessss you’re getting me all wet and ready.

BRENDA (03/29/2014,  2:22:56 PM) Are you touching yourself right now? I hope so… :) imagine your hard cock in my warm, wet mouth

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:24:43 PM) Fuck yeah

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:26:25 PM) Mmmm I wanna tap and rub your clit with the tip of my cock, then slowly slide in you

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:27:12 PM) Mmmm god yeah my clit is so hard right now. I’m wet and ready for you to slide inside of me. I wanna mont you so bad right now

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:27:12 PM) mount :)

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:31:20 PM) I love when you mount me :)

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:34:33 PM) I know you do :) I wanna mount you cowgirl style and fuck you real nice and slow.

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:41:42 PM) Damn yea

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:41:43 PM) And have you flip me over and fuck me doggy style ohhhh

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:42:27 PM) I’ll push it soooo deep. Boom boom boom

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:44:16 PM) Mmmm yes so deep. And you’ll grab me by my hips and smack my ass

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:46:58 PM) I won’t stop till I hear you coming. Lol I just snuck away to the shower and came so hard. I want to erupt all over you

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 2:52:29 PM) God I wish I were with you to catch some of that cum. I wanna lick it off your dick so bad. Mmmm Johnny you’re making me so naughty right now

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:54:33 PM) Girl, you’re naughty by nature :) you’re such a sexy little freak

JOHNNY (03/29/2014, 2:57:00 PM) You turn me on so much <3

BRENDA (03/29/2014, 3:09:32 PM) – :) you turn me on so much too. And you’re right-I am totally naughty by nature. I miss you tho. Can’t wait for you to return

BRENDA (04/06/2014, 12:06 PM – Picture of Brenda’s boob)

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:18:34 PM) Omg I just got your picture now! Mmmmmmmm yeah

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:19:06 PM) Omhdjdidn omg!!!!!!!

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:19:10 PM) Just now?!

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:19:12 PM) It would have been hilarious if I got it yesterday cause I was at church with my dad lol

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:19:12 PM) Ongoing ongoing

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:19:12 PM) No that’s supposed to be a string of omgs. Silly phone

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:19:12 PM) Omgomgomgomg

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:19:50PM) Lol lol lol haha

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:20:11 PM) Hahaha I literally just spit coffee everywhere laughing!

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:20:22 PM) Hahahaha

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:21:20 PM) Yes! I sent it to you yesterday during some sexayyy time hehehe. I took others but you never responded so I deleted them haha! I figured you were busy.

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:22:47 PM) Oh no! I could never get enough pictures of you sexy girl <3

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:23:28 PM) Aww. I may have one more in here. Do you want to see it? ;)

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:25:21 PM) Of course ;)

BRENDA (04/07/2014,8:25:36 PM) Ok ok ok I gotta find it hold on :) BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:25:36 PM – Picture of  semi-nude Brenda)

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:25:36 PM) Totally at work right now lol

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:25:36 PM) Of course

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:31:14 PM) Damn :) I’m cooking dinner with my dad lol. Gotta keep the screen in the right direction

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:34:08 PM) !!! We are so terrible lol. I missed you! I couldn’t help but take naughty pictures ;P uhm, whatcha making for dinner?

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:37:12 PM) Haha yeah we are pretty bad :) I had to run over 7 miles to calm my mind knowing I wouldn’t be with you tonight lol. Scallops, shallots and angel hair pasta yum

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:42:22 PM) Mmmm that sounds so yummy. Much better than my takeout dinner lol. Yeah I was a bit down about you not being able to come out and visit, but we will soon! We have to otherwise my heart won’t be able to take it. I feel like its about to burst from having so many feelings :)

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:45:31 PM) Omg yes! My emotions and longings are so out of control I’m having to strategize managing them lol!

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:48:39 PM) God I want you. I can’t tell you all the ways that I want you right now, because you should probably have a nice, non-awkward dinner with your dad, but just know that I’m sitting here in my office fucking craving you.

JOHNNY (04/07/2014, 8:54:56 PM) I wish I was in your office fucking you! Oki I’m gonna stop now lol. Damn girl I want you too!!!!

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:59:34 PM) Mmmm you can have me on my desk, on my bosses desk, in the chairman’s office, on the cold hard floor of server room, in the elevator, in the stairwell…up against the glass walls on the 15th floor. Mmmm you can have me anywhere.

BRENDA (04/07/2014, 8:59:44 PM) Ok ok I’m sorry I’ll stop. Please eat and ignore your phone. Omg

JOHNNY(04/07/2014, 9:01:33 PM) Omg

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