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“The videos are audacious and often hilarious. They don’t contain any graphic sex, or even any nudity—how creative would that be anyway?—but some of them are really right on the edge, so I hope I shouldn’t even have to tell you they’re still far from work-safe due to suggestive situations and frank language (and some …

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Genius Filmmaker Will Turn Your Sexts Into Hilarious Videos Want to see your fantasies on-screen? Eileen Yaghoobian will make it happen.

“Filmmaker/miracle worker Eileen Yaghoobian has found a way to make people relive their own sexts without projectile vomiting with embarrassment. Her project Send Me Your Sexts turns your late-night messages into full blown videos (um, not that kind of blown), fully scripted straight from your dirty mind. The videos are deliberately lo fi, ’80’s-style, and …

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‘Send Me Your Sexts’ Turns Real Sexts into Literal Tennis Matches and More — VIDEO

“To capture sexting’s bizarre nature, Yaghoobian always had her actors completely clothed and doing some sort of non-sexy activity… Telling your partner what you want to do to their naked body while playing tennis and grunting? A lot funnier than it sounds. The best parts are when the actors have to perform typos, mispronouncing words …

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These “Send Me Your Sexts” Videos Make Me Viscerally Uncomfortable, And That’s Kind Of The Point

“Yaghoobian’s scripts leave typos and corrections intact, and I can’t watch the films without feeling awkward and squirmy. Uncomfortable as they make me, I can’t not watch them either – it’s like watching a trainwreck play out in front of your eyes. To see your own digital romp onscreen, submit your screenshots here!” The Frisky

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Sexts no longer secret in new film project Send Me Your Sexts

  “The videos are a statement – they are documentary, and they are thought provoking. They are Yaghoobian’s way of cutting to the core of a few people, and sharing that core, anonymously, with the world….The feel is close to what you may have gotten if Penthouse Letters had a YouTube channel. The videos are …

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