Bruce & Jane :

JANE (Mon, Nov.3, 2014 12:52PM) 1. (photo of Jane in her underwear mirror selfie backstage )
BRUCE Well Goood dam
JANE Your turn!
BRUCE Haha ok
BRUCE 2. (photo of mirror selfie covering his dick)
JANE Wow! Jaw on the floor
BRUCE God I miss you haha
JANE I know, I miss you too :)
BRUCE Guess you’re single?
JANE Yes. You?
BRUCE Very single
BRUCE I can’t belive we never met again
BRUCE We have a lot of yrs to catch up on. Especially physically
JANE Isn’t it strange!!?? You were in van and never contacted me and vice versa!
JANE Haha! Yes
BRUCE Where are you now?
JANE Vancouver still.
BRUCE Oh not too far
BRUCE And show me more please
JANE Buit I’m working with a composer in LA for my next film so maybe I’ll make it out there !
BRUCE Especially that ass of yours
BRUCE Come here and stay with me!
JANE Do you know Jim?
JANE Oh ok. That’s the composer. He’s in that band (TSOL)
BRUCE 3. (photo of butt selfie mirror)
BRUCE Oh cool!
BRUCE I know the drummer tiny
JANE Ok, I’ll let u know when I’m down next. And yes Ill send more pics
BRUCE Did the last one go through?
JANE I just got off a call
JANE I think this is the hot ass competition…..And you’re winning! Sooo sexy
BRUCE Hahaja
BRUCE I work out a lot maybe it’s helping?
JANE Totally. You seem really buff right now. I’ve been avoiding the gum like the plague. I shouldn’t!!!
BRUCE Haha I’m far from buff and that’s not my goal. Just want to be fit
BRUCE 4. (photo of selfie no shirt)
JANE 5. (photo of boob)
BRUCE So dam hot
BRUCE 6. (photo of dick mirror selfie)
JANE Wow, you’re huge
BRUCE Lol no I’m very average
BRUCE I’m having a good day maybe
BRUCE Or the pic is good
JANE It’s all good! Haha
JANE Ok, I’ll send more after work 😉
BRUCE Ok (emoji blowing heart)

JANE (Mon, Nov 3, 2014, 4:15PM ) 7. (photo of Jane’s naked butt)
BRUCE Daaaaaaaam
BRUCE Bend over
JANE Just stepped out but will send more later…After you!
BRUCE 8. (photo of Bruce holding hard dick in his white calvin klein)

JANE (Mon, Nov 3, 7:07PM) Oh my god, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re so big!!
BRUCE Haha seriously it’s not that big I swear!
JANE Well I don’t care. I like it 😉
JANE I want it
BRUCE Come an get it
JANE Come here and give it to me!
BRUCE The weathers nicer here
JANE True!
JANE My boss is trying to fly me down on nov. 10th but I don’t know if I can
BRUCE 9. (photo closeup of holding shaft of hard dick)
BRUCE You should

JANE (Mon, Nov 3, 2014, 9:55PM) Oh my god, you made me want to now!
BRUCE Well come get it babe
JANE I’m at a dance meeting otherwise I would be sending you some hot pics
JANE I want to come get it, :)
BRUCE Ok later (emoti happy face blowing heart)

JANE (Tue, Nov 4, 7:38 AM) 10. (photo of mirror selfie Jane’s torso butt naked)
JANE Good morning
JANE 11. (photo of mirror selfie Jane’s torso butt naked)
JANE 12. (photo of mirror selfie Jane’s torso butt naked)
JANE So hard to take a decent ass pic so early in the morning! Lol making up for not sending anything last night

BRUCE (Tue, Nov 4, 2014, 1:20 PM) Can I stick my face in there?
JANE Yes 😉
JANE Your turn
BRUCE I’m at work. I can get dirty and go in the bathroom 😉
BRUCE Show me the front and I’ll get my cock nice and hard for you
JANE Were do you work?
BRUCE Retail
JANE Where? Hot topic, haha
BRUCE High end retail in Beverly Hills
JANE I was just making fun if you 😉
JANE Which store?
JANE This is me at dance rehearsal right now so this is all that I can send. I’ll make a trip to the bathroom though 😉
JANE 13. (photo of Jane in dance outfit body suite and thigh high stocking)
BRUCE And yes show me all!

BRUCE (Tue, Nov 4, 2014 4:35 PM) ?

JANE (Tue, Nov 4, 2014 5:44PM) Just got home
JANE 14. (photo of mirror selfie Jane naked)
BRUCE Daaaaaam
JANE So that’s like 4 in a row from me. Your turn!
BRUCE I wanna see that pussy
JANE After your pic!
BRUCE 15. (photo of Bruce holding his erect penis)
BRUCE 16. (photo of Bruce holding his erect penis moves hand)
BRUCE Sent 2!
JANE Omg? That is so hot! Wow, I want to ride it.
JANE *omg!
JANE Ok, I’ll send one
BRUCE Show me where you want me to put it
JANE (Tue, Nov 4, 2014 8:21 PM) 17. (photo of pussy from behind)
BRUCE Whoah!!!!
BRUCE A couple of options
JANE 18. (pussy from front finger clit)
JANE Send me more pics of you like your face and stuff. Not necessarily naked
BRUCE I want ot lick that all up!
BRUCE I could take a video
JANE I want you to lick it up!
JANE Yes, do it
BRUCE Wanna see me cum?
BRUCE Ok give me few
BRUCE 19. (a close up video of Bruce jerking off and jizzing with no face)
JANE Oh my god that was so freaking sexy. You have the most perfect cock I wish I could be there to slide up and down it.
JANE That was really hot ! I’m cuming in my panties just watching it.
BRUCE Make a video for me :)
JANE I just stepped out but I will. When I get back I can’t wait!
BRUCE Meeeee too (emoti blowing heart kiss)

JANE (Mon, Jan 26, 2015 11:16 AM)
Lol! I’m 100% moving out of Vancouver (I don’t know where to though). The rain is the worst! Packing skirts and dressed 😉
JANE Dresses
BRUCE Easy access
BRUCE Hands against the wall pull the panties to the side
JANE 20. (photo of Jane torso with shirt and panties slightly lifting her shirt)
JANE Preview
BRUCE Oh girl
BRUCE You are gonna get it
JANE You migth meet me and be like “ummm no” or vice versa! Lol.
BRUCE Awwwww :(
JANE But yeah, let’s hope that’s no the case 😉
BRUCE Impossible
JANE I want you to give it to me hard.
BRUCE I’m in the best shape of my life and im smarter
JANE I’m in the worst shape of my life ! Omg!!!!
JANE I can’t wait to see you naked though.
BRUCE 21. (photo of mirror selfie torso naked holding dick recycled)
BRUCE I’ve been really on top of my fitness
JANE You’re going to be on top of something else soon.
BRUCE I hope so

BRUCE (Tue, Jan 27, 2015 10:53PM)