Ted & Holly :

TED (8/9/2014, 3:41am ) Partying tonight?

HOLLY (8/9/2014, 4:34am ) No guarantees

TED (8/9/2014, 4:34am) Haaa! So let’s meet up

TED (8/9/2014, 6:20am) Well I’m still up. Haha

TED (8/24/2014, 3:36am) Party

TED (8/24/2014, 8:40am) So…partying where? Haha

TED (8/30/2014, 9:10am) Well bud it’s that time of day. Where is the party still goin

TED ( 9/20/2014, 4:22am) Hey were u just at that party? I tjunk I saw you and I still haven’t met you properly