Lisa & Nicholas :

LISA (2013/12/17 11:14 AM) Did I tell you what my Sister gave me Christmas?

NICOLAS (2013/12/17 12:17 PM) What was it?

LISA (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) Daily Muff kit

NICOLAS (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) What is that?

LISA (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) It’s all natural and organic too :)

LISA (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) Muff is another (slang) word for pussy/vagina

NICOLAS (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) Is a Vagina kit?

LISA (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) Yes, wash, spray and lotion to be extra fresh. And wipes for when want to feel fresher during the day (hmm maybe after sex in public ;))

NICOLAS (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) Nice

LISA (2013/12/17 4:00 PM) That may require sex au natural though…,

LISA (2013/12/17 4:55 PM) How is that going to happen?

LISA (2013/12/17 6:46 PM) Hahaha! The kit is called I Love My Muff:)

LISA (2013/11/ 30 9:52 AM) Now some me time for 1hour before getting ready for work.

LISA (2013/11/ 30 9:52 AM) Hmm maybe ben wa balls…

NICOLAS (2013/11/ 30 9:52 AM) What is Ben wa balls?

LISA (2013/11/30 9:52 AM) 2 small metal balls a woman can put inside. Rocking motion gradually brings on orgasim;)

LISA (2013/11/ 30 9:52 AM) Also good for improving a woman’s orgasim when with a man and even having multiple orgasims: )

NICOLAS (2013/11/30 9:52 AM) Ah ok interesting, how was it

LISA (2013/11/ 30 9:52 AM) Good, but not as good as being with a real person. Just slowly bring on the orgasim. Different. Some woman wear them all day while at work, doing errands

NICOLAS (2013/11/ 30 9:52 AM) Nice

NICOLAS (2013/11/30 9:52 AM) Like at BNI (Business Network International)

LISA (2013/11/ 30 9:52 AM) I never have Pressy embarrassing if they fell out, lol

NICOLAS (2013/11/30 9:52 AM) Hehehe

LISA (2013/11/30 9:52 AM) Ahh, relaxed showsered now to get ready for work